Free Guide: How to Manage Your Money Without Budgeting
Figuring your money out gives you the golden key to your life. The trouble is many people struggle with managing their money in a way that works for them. And since money is connected to every area of your life, feeling stressed about it can make your whole life feel more stressful. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Managing your money can be easy and fun. 

If you have struggled with traditional budgeting before, then I have good news for you. Download the FREE Guide to Managing Your Money Without Budgeting. You will learn a simple system called UnBudgeting that will allow you to kiss your long, complicated budget goodbye. Take control of your money in a way that is easy and allows you to have fun along the way!

UnBudgeting is the same system that I use every day to manage my money. Hundreds of people have learned this system through my live workshops and now I want to bring it to you instantly. Take control of your money and give yourself the golden key to your life. 

Melissa Pahl

Ellen says:

In the past I was unable to come up with a plan for my money in order to meet my goals. It was overwhelming and I was unsure where to start and I never wanted to take the time to figure it out. I now have a new way to think about (un)budgeting! It’s such a simplified and approachable method. I’m now excited to sit down and start changing the way I think about, plan for and spend money!

Melissa says:

So... thanks to your UnBudgeting training, I bought a home!! I mean, I went from crazy and all over the place without a clue, to buying my first place in less than a year (8 maybe 9 months?)! Anyway, just thought to share that with you and say a big THANK YOU.

Bethany says:

I was worried I’d feel overwhelmed by terms or things I didn’t understand but I wasn’t. Melissa was gracious, knowledgeable and empowering. I now actually look forward to making my money plan! I feel excited and empowered!
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